Saturday, 29 December 2012

Big Bad Wolf ~ Largest Booksale Malaysia! 2012

I was in KL in the weeks leading-up to Christmas and like every Malaysian who loves a good sale, I was at the Big Bad Wolf booksale held annually! This time, it was at the Mines Convention Center.
I was it last year's booksale and now this year too!
I simply couldn't resist a good booksale, with books going at merely RM8 and up.
So cheap!! and these books are now too... well, fairly new :)

Just take a look at the number of books on sale! So many to choose from... and they advert says they have 3 million books for sale...

The titles I eventually bought.

My books haul!
Total damaged caused RM140 for so many titles!! :) Hoping to go next year too!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas 2012 ~Awesomest yet!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

How was Christmas? This year I wanted Christmas to be the Awesomest yet... and I've done a lot of shopping... ALOT...hehe

Christmas decorations ~ this is in addition to the already abundant decorations over the years :)

Goodies for Christmas

my last minute christmas decorations haul

My Christmas Tree 2012

All the presents so far... for 2012
This is the lastest addition to the Christmas decorations we have. A mini Christmas tree & snowman sock!
I can't wait for boxing day to open all the christmas presents!!!
Stay tuned for my Christmas presents 2012 post...  :)

Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas 2012!!!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

COACH obsession

Like what the title say, I'm super obsessed with Coach bags, of late!

This is a post on my latest coach purchase. It cost me RM364. It's the 3rd most expensive coach bag i've bought so far.

I present to you, my Coach Poppy Liquid Gloss Mini Groovy Crossbody Swingpack Bag in the colour black.

Once again, I got this from I must admit, their packaging is really awesome and commendable!! I was really really impressed with everything, from the ribbons to the box to the gingerbreadman!! LOVED the gingerbreadman part the most!

I do have to admit that the size of the bag was pretty small for my liking...
But still, I wanted a leather bag and I got it :)


Friday, 21 December 2012

GAP Haul

Christmas is just round the corner! I can't believe it...
Earlier, I was in KL from the 15-17th December for Christmas shopping

And I managed to snag a few items from GAP as they were having their year-end sale.
I first went to GAP at Mid-valley megamall and it was totally full of people. The better items there were also almost all gone.

Then I happened to stop-by Paradigm mall on my last day in KL and lo-behold! GAP just opened there and they had lots of stock on SALE!

 I got myself a hoodie - this was so comfortable! I bought 3 items so, on top of the 50% off, I had an additional 10% discount. (AWESOME!!)

THe other 2 items were t-shirts for family members :)

Christmas is gonna be so awesome this year!!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Clarks Shoes Haul - Huge HAUL

Recently, Clarks was having an aweosme sale of their leather shoes at Straits Quay on the 14-16th December. It was awesome! and super super jam packed with people... and the queue was endless.. ok ok, i'm exagerating, but you get the picture. If that wasn't decriptive enough, here's proof from the event :)

Look at the number of women at the women's shoes area... the men's shoes were in a different area altogether. Needless to say, there wasn't a queue there.

 Clarks separated women's shoes from the men's. The men's shoes were in a different area altogether. Needless to say, there wasn't a queue there.

Here's my Clarks Haul!! Five pairs of Clarks' shoes - all leather!
FIVE pairs of Clarks shoes!!
Well, to be honest, I didn't buy all 5 pairs for me alone. Two pairs were for my mummy. And the rest, mine! Hehehe

There were quite a number of shoes for choices... and it came to a point I couldn't decide on the colour... just like in the picture... Black or Beige??

So, eventually, here's what I got!

What do you think?

I simply love love love them!!!
The total cost of all 5 pairs = RM850!!!

Now, that's what I call a DEAL!!!

Monday, 17 December 2012

A Taste of the Mediterranean @ Agua, Staits Quay

Last month, I had finally got the chance to try-out Penang's (probably) only Mediterranean restaurant on the Island. Which restaurant am I talking about? Why Agua Restaurant, of course.

Agua was one of the earliest restaurants to open when Straits Quay opened its doors. It has since stood the test of time and the test of the palates of Penangites. (haha!)

We ordered one full set meal and one ala chart & tapas.

First up was the pumpkin soup as part of the set lunch. (RM48++).
Pumpkin soup
 Then the tapas we ordered was this exotic mushroom with bread. I absolutely loved this! The bread was crispy on the outside and soft and tasty ~it had garlic spread~inside. The mushrooms were cooked in special spices and the whole ensemble was simply delicious! (RM18++) The portion was meant for two , called Tapas. There is a larger portion called Friends which costs more RM23-24 (if i'm not mistaken)
Exotic mushrooms with Bread
 Just look at the picture... The gravy that came with the mushrooms was sooooo yummy!!

 While waiting for my food, the surrounding decor & ambiance of the restaurant caught my eye ~kept me occupied too...

On to the mains.

Spaghetti Al Salmone - this was part of the set menu. As stated in the menu, it's described as fresh salmon cooked with Garlic, Basil, Onion and Cream, served with spaghetti
Salmone spaghetti
 Chucks of salmone meat made the dish worth the order :)

 I ordered this dish called Spanish Sticky Ribs (RM36.90) Again, taken from the menu, this was described as Pork ribs marinated with herbs, spices, wine, garlic and honey. Slow roasted and glazed with honey. Served on salad with lemon.

The ribs were a simple different from the usual BBQ ribs from the likes of CHicago Rib House or Morganfields. This was made Spanish-style! And it tasted good.

Dessert choices from the set menu were numerous. We were spoilt for choices. At last we decided on Spanish Bread and Butter Pudding, which would have cost RM16.90 if ordered as an ala chart.

This dessert came fresh from the oven. The custard was perfectly cooked. They had cleverly separated the whole pudding into its basic ingredients: bread and custard as seen in the photo above. The center piece was the bread and the surrounding, custard.

In detail, as described in the menu, this dessert is a Spanish style bread and butter pudding, made with Panetonne with sultanas marinated in Triple Sec and Brandy.

Satisfying lunch!!

I was full till late dinner that day...

Here's a picture of the Christmas tree at the entrance of Straits Quay, I thought appropriate to show. It is afterall Christmas season!

For more on Agua, visit their website