Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Sushi King Bonanza.. just in time before GST

It's Sushi King's Bonanza time! It was held from 23-26th March 2015 and boy did I knock myself out with sushi!
Amids the forth coming GST on all goods and services, many people like myself have been trying to spend as much and stock-up before GST kicks-in come April 1st.

I went to Sushi King Midvalley for the Bonanza where all coloured plates costs only RM3. Well, previous years it cost only RM2 per plate... I guess because of inflation and now GST, things will keep going up *sigHH*

All the sushi you'll ever wanna eat. All coloured plates for RM3 each.

ebi fried

Tuna stuff tofu

salmon roll

jelly fish - absolute favourite!

Usually red plates and purple plates cost  RM4.99, RM5.99 each. Now they're going for RM3 flat! Pink plates were RM3.99 each on normal days.

Imagine the long long queues at all their outlets during the Bonanza period...

I tried to reach at any 1 outlet by 5.30pm just to beat the queues.

Everyone's table is given a time limit of 45min and there's no take-away for RM3 per plate unless you wanna pay normal prices for it.

10 coloured plates for another
8 coloured plates for one person

It's not surprising that most of my plate choices were unintensionally purple and red coloured...
This is the time you want to take advantage of the bonanza to order all kinds of dishes which you normally won't because of the prices. *all smiles*

How many plates can you eat?

Monday, 30 March 2015

Kingsman: The Best Spy Movie of 2015

Kingsman: The Secret Service has got to be the best spy movie of 2015! It's got the British accents and the smart looking Colin Firth & seasoned actor Michael Caine all rolled into one! Oh.. and not forgetting new comer, Taron Egerton.

Spoilers Alert! If you haven't already seen the movie. Stop right now and GO WATCH IT.

Enjoyed the comedy and action scenes. Although I guess they could use less of the F-bombs. And the blood-shed scene was ... urgh. Too bad Colin Firth's character dies.

The part where there was a training session to pick a replacement Kingsman reminded me of the Hunger Games. Somehow, almost all the movies I see now have an element of the Hunger Games in it. The Maze Runner, The Divergent Series, and now the Kingsman:The Secret Service.

All hail Hunger Games for being so original!

Harry Potter will never be forgotten for bringing magic back :)

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Baci @ Citta Mall, PJ

Back to blogging about food!

I went to Citta Mall the other day, for reasons that warrants another blogpost. (me trying to create anticipation.. hehe) After the main agenda, I was hungry and looked around for a nice eatery for a late, late lunch.

This is where i stumbled upon Baci! I remember having a member's card for Italliannis called 'Pinch of Salt' with the logo Baci on the back affiliated with the card. This means I could collect / redeem points at Baci too! Yay!

So Baci for lunch it is.

I was feeling a pasta craving coming along... so I ordered the Spaghetti Beef Carbonara from their Pasta selection.

Here's what came... it looked delightful. Mouth watering... and yummy for my tummy.

Spaghetti Beef Carbonara

The complete look... with drinks and table number... 

At Baci, they also offer coffee and sandwiches....

And free self-service plain water...

This meal cost me RM17.90, no service tax because it's self-service... I like!

Let's see what happens come April 

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Warehouse Sales 2015 : Charles&Keith , Pedro (Part 3)

Went to SSTwoMall in PJ today because of the Charles&Keith , Pedro , Victoria Secret clearance sale - before GST begins.

Spent almost forty minutes queing to get into the parking lot and then looking for a parking space. THen, when i got into the mall, I was met with a string of people in queues all trying to get into the main arena. I started queing at 12.15pm. It was a good 45min queue before i actually got in. 

Rows and rows of people

Finally was at the entrance of the sale at 1pm...
 Was telling myslef that this had better be worth my time and energy queing...

Aerial view of the sea of people looking for shoes , shoes and more shoes....sizes from 34 till 42 for females...

Insane number of peeps, right!

And at the end of the day, no it was not worth it! I didn't buy anything apart from one super old and dirty pouch by Charles&Keith at the ASIS section. Cost me RM20 - TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT! I stupidly paid just for the sake of it. *pathetic*

The shoes were going for RM49 - 109... (if i vaguely remember). Note to self: Not to go to any SHOE sale anymore! Because I have several NEW pairs of CLARKS & SCHOLL shoes which are leather and in the size that fit!

Shoe sizes for local/asian brands then to be really small on me. Sigh.... I've learnt my lesson.

Was out of the place in under an hour. Yes, half the time I was queing to get in. Stupidity at it's best.
*feeling like an idiot*

To make matters better, one guy who was talking super loudly on his phone said the Pedro shoes for guys were super cheap! I suppose if you pay close to RM50-100 for shoes that normally cost RM300 above, then YES it is CHEAP...

Alas, I didn't find anything that fit my feet or struck my fancy.
The ulgy old dirty pouches did though. Sadly.

If you're a Victoria Secret fan, then there's a section selling all last seasons' VS products at 70% off, be it ipad cases, iphone cases, cosmetics, bags and undies.

The sale end 29th march. So if you're into shoes and such brands... head down to ssTwoMall tomorrow.

More satisfying hauls here & here

Warehouse sales 2015 (part 2) Reebok Haul

The upside of living in KL is the numerous warehouse sales that offer off-season items at low prices.
Amists the forth coming GST implementation come April 1st 2015, many business companies especially retail outlets have decided to hold massive warehouse sales.

These huge sales have in turn attracted large crowds of shopaholics amounting to additional road congestion and traffic jams these past week, ending tomorrow.
Here are some of the warehouse sales I managed to get into.

Woke up early this morning (unintentionally la... it's a Saturday wei) cause the damn aircond rosak.
Anyway I headed off to Sunway for the RSH bhd warehouse sales offering sports items, clothes and accessories at bargain prices.

 Reebok bags were going for 50% and 40% off. Most were costing over a hundred ringgit orginally. So even after the discount, it was about RM50 and above. I wasn't looking for a bag, so the discounted price couldnt tempt me to buy on a spree.

 There were swim wear and polo shirts all on sale too. The pink one here on the left was going for 50% off (original price was RM69.00) as can be seen in the photo.

Many shoppers were there for the main attraction - Reebok shoes! They also carried other brands like adidas and puma. But it was Reebok that many were after. Not bad.. one guy got a pair for 60% off, original price was over RM300 and he got it for around RM160 plus.
I tried my best to get a pair. What with the up coming marathons that i'd sign-up for. But alas, they did not have them in my size.

Here's what i got instead. Total damaged was under RM150 ... thankfully. The guy who went before me at the cashier paid a total of RM650 for his family's finds. I think it was a family of 4 - two adults (the parents) and two kids (probably ages 9 & 4). Keng!

 Reebok Haul Break-Down:
Reebok's Skinny Capri from their 2012 playdry colleciton. I got a pair of Bluemove tights at RM49 (originally RM119)

Love the waist band contract colours with brand logo on it.

My next buy was a pair of shorts - supposedly for work-out. And it's also from the playdry material.
 It's a fiited pair of shorts from Reebok's 2013 collection. Was attracted to the awesome purple and blue hues. Again, similar waist band patterns oberved. This pair cost RM45 (originally RM89)

 I did say I wasn't into getting a bag. Well, I did also say that I was joining a marathon in the near future and so when i came across this waist pouch, how could i pass it up? hehe
Got this navy blur pouch at 40% off the original RM49. Paid RM29.40 for it.
  It's got 3 zippers for 3 separate compartments.

Next-up are 2 pairs of socks. One in pink and the other in black.
Aren't the pink and white stripes just adorable? They also have a non-slip base with phrases " Ready to Rebel"
Originals cost RM25. Got it for RM13 today 

Original price was going for RM25 - got it for RM12.50

 The black pair also have non-slip phrases " Dont' Stop The Beat" in lime green for contrast. Super happy with my haul..

THe warehouse sale has been on from 25-29 March. So, tomorrow's the last day. 

Friday, 27 March 2015

Pandora galore

A friend went to Adelaide not too long ago and offerred to buy Pandora jewelry for me as it's cheaper in Australia than here in Malaysia.

*screams in delight*

So i went to Pandora's online page and did me some browsing.

These are the bracelets I chose... 

One with the love charm and the signature Pandora charm on it...and another a four leave clover
... so pretty..

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Warehouse sales 2015 (part 1) Bonita, Elianto, Tiamo haul

The season for warehouse sales are back! There's another reason for having these sales now. GST is-a-calling come April. THus, the month of March is the last month for shoppers to stock-up before the 6% GST will be imposed on goods and services. Business companies are also taking this opportunity to clearance sales to rid of last seasons' stock to make space for new stock.

First a summary picture of my Haul @ Bonita,Elianto,Tiamo clearance sale in Cheras,KL.
Total haul = RM70

Nail polish from Korea. 5 for RM5! Yes, ONLY RM1 each!!!!

And I got 2 sets for RM10
 Since Easter is coming, I thought why not get these super cheap nail polishes to paint and decorate the Easter eggs as a possible project for the season.

made in Korea
 My next find is this Mint coloured Jelly handbag. The colour is so pretty I couldn't resist. What with the irresistable price too RM20!
Jelly bag in pretty mint
 THis other sling bag is also one of my priced finds. It's a cloth material sling bag in satin Red. Cost me only RM10!

Came brand new in its pakaging and all...

RM 20 for this pink see-through plastic bag with insert.

RM 5 each. I had to get two.
The sale is on from 25-29th March!

Warehouse sale 2015 part 2 here