Sunday, 11 August 2013

Salsa Restaurant @ Gurney Paragon

New old restaurant! That's what I like to call it :)

Salsa restaurant has been around for a long long time. It started it's first shop at Hotel Continental, along Upper Penang Road.

Now, it has spread it's wings and opened a second outlet, bearing the same name, in the latest, most happening mall which just opened - Gurney Paragon

Take a look around the new place...

It's new premise is found next to the Padini outlet. I think it's on the second floor. It's located outside and there's a direct escalator & elevator leading to the restaurant. It faces Jalan Kelawai, by the way :)

I went there on the second day of it's opening... [pretty fast, eh :)] that was in July (30/7/2013)

So, as you can see, the new Salsa has maintained it's signature red accented walls... and the lovely picture paintings on the walls.

Now, to the menu...

Nice, clear pictures to introduce their foods... I believe the prices are the same as the restaurant along Penang Road. The only draw-back is that they do not serve their famous set lunches/ set dinners at the new outlet.

Those of you who, like myself, are a keen fan of their set lunches/set dinners, well, the good news is that they still offer the sets at their place at Penang Road. Just not the new one. Perhaps they will introduce it later? Fingers crossed.

Now to the food...

We ordered Lamb Shank and Beef Lasagne

Lamb shank - tender and delicious!
 The lamb shank was so well done! We requested it to be extra tender and they did just that! So happy they complied to our request. It was simply delicious!
Really worth the money we paid for it...

Beef Lasagne
Mine was the beef lasagne... this was also a favourite! I like that the dish came with the side salad. A mixture of alfafa grass, lettuce, tomatoes and arugula... topped with balsamic vinegar...

I can safely say that their dishes are similar to the ones at the outlet in Hotel Continental - still as delicious, still as satisfying :)

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  1. Worst place in Penang. The boss David thinks that because he spent RM500k on renovation. All customers must accept the type of service he dishes out.