Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Brotzeit @ Sunway Pyramid

Finally got to try-out this restaurant which serves German food! I first spotted this outlet in Singapore way back in 2010.

It's located in the newly renovated outter facade of Sunway Pyramid. Believe me, being new to the place doesn't help. My friend and I got pretty lost just looking for this outlet. And she's from KL. hahah... ok, jokes aside, if you're lost, or can't read sign boards very well, just drop-by the info counter. They were a big help in getting us to Brotzeit.

When we finally reached, we had worked-up a pretty good appetite.
'We got down to ordering immediately.


Here's a look at the place & what we ordered.

I ordered Rindergulasch! Or also knowns as beef goulash.
It comes with buttered spatzie.
Yeah, i know what you're thinking right now. "What the heck is 'spatzie'?" - I had the same question running through my head as well.
Well, for most of us who aren't familiar with German food, (me included) spatzie is actually something like pasta. Yeah, and the consistency us almost similar :))))

I so enjoyed the tender beef with it's accompanying spicy gravy. The best combo! I even had to have extra gravy because i loved sauce sooo much!

And being a pasta lover, the 'Spatzie' was a bonus to the meal! Really worth the RM38

My friend on the other hand stuck to what German food offers best, their German sausages.
This dish is came with a priztle. The 3 sausages you see here are actually in a warm bath to keep them moist and warm ;) I dun think it's a clear soup. (but i'm not sure) Anyway, I tried abit of my friend's food, but seriously, I was loving mine so much to take notes on hers... haha