Wednesday, 26 September 2012


It's finally here...
On Saturday 22nd, I went online and bought myself a ring from Reebonz. I've been a member at Reebonz since a few years ago, but never got 'round to buy anything because of their super exuberant prices, despite the luxury items were going at a discounted prices.

Anyhoooo, that saturday, I found something i liked and the price was OK. This ring from Candoré jewelry was going for RM198 (free delivery). I was cracking my head to see if I'd really want this ring, but since Reebonz had given me RM98 free credit, the ring cost would only be RM100!
Even cheaper than the 9k white gold ring I bought from Wah Chan not so long ago (RM175).

I contemplated and decided. ~ Buy lo!

Although the ring was not white gold, this Cubic Zirconia Eternity Band, is a good substitute for real diamonds. The Zirconia crystals really sparkles.

So my purchase has finally arrived, via FedEx to my doorstep ~abeit the rain & weather...

Isn't it lovely?
The only thing I didn't really quite like was the fact that the ring is quite fat/thick. And it looks pretty much like an imitation... sigh
Ring cannot stand up coz the box was meant for ear rings not my ring
The ring itself is bulky. But i still like the crystals. Oh, and the ring is has quite abit of weight to it...(not bad :) )

I just hope the metal doesn't lose it's lasture and colour.

I can't remember what kinda metal it's made of.. or coated with

And the box it came in, this black Candoré box... it's flimsy and the padding was for ear-rings and not my ring. (disappoited since it's coming from Reebonz). The box oso is senget wan. (crooked)
The box from the top view... looks nicer after changing the filters... looks more elegant.

The senget-ness of the box

The box with slits for ear-rings .. NOT my ring :(

The up side is I like the design of a whole row of crystals... love love love it!
Had to look for another  jewelry box (meant for a ring) to put the ring in for the ring to stand ~ to see the lovely, sparkly crystals... *smiles*

Oh well, RM100 only lar... so I suppose I shouldn't be too cerewet. Afterall, it was bought online, not like in a real jewelry shop where I can spend time choosing, inspecting the product.
I guess this is the downside of buying online - "you never know what you gonna get"


Monday, 24 September 2012

Apple ISO 6!

The new iPhone 5 has finally been revealed! And with it, comes the ISO 6.

Well, im still with and loyal to my Samsung galaxy note. But my new iPad is gonna get free new update to the ISO 6 ! Yeah!

I'll let you know what i like about the new update... and what I don't so very like about it.. when it finishes installing on my new iPad

Hope this is a winner....
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Monday, 10 September 2012

My Armani buys

Every girl would be trilled to have the means to own anything of a luxury status, especially the ones she can show them off with.
When I was younger and not yet earning my own buck, I used to wonder how anyone could own a simple basic item which cost so much. Say for example a pen or a pair of shoes. One can find all sorts of pens or shoes and the price can vary greatly, depending on the brand and the make.

Yes, I used to long to have the means of owning some luxury item(s).
Since I've started working, and earning a living, well, now I can at least afford alittle better, and more luxuries... which (unfortunately) need not necessarily be better products despite the ridicullously high amount of money the item costs.

Yes, I've fallen prey to branded goods and the 'owning-branded-items' mentality. Guilty as charged! And today, I got to affordably own my very own Armani Exchange t-shirts. Or at least, something from the Armani Exchange brand!!

I used to envy certain groups of girls in my school who could afford branded stuff, like bags, pencil cases, tshirts, Jeans etc. the kinds you wished u could buy, but never could afford. Or rather would feel.super guilty to have bought it with your parents' money and not your own. I still.remember my dad saying, "oh just imagine, with that amount, you" Sigh

Well, now, with no more guilt, I can safely.own some luxury items I desire. Admittedly, this surge of influence I must say comes from my brother & his Singaporean wife. As you know, Singaporeans are noted for their so-called high class-ness.. So yeah, I feel compelled to follow suite. Haha. And my brother always teasing.. dun buy shoddy cheap-skate stuff... okay okay...

Coming back to my Armani buys. I got myself 2 t-shirts. Take a look.

So love the white one. But the blue one has the recognisable Armani logo on it. I must admit the blue shirt a cheap.imitation. Something you could probably get from the local night market. But luckily, the tshirts came.with an authentication tag. Awesome or what!
Below are close-ups of my beloved T's.

I would assume that this one which says "20 years of style" Armani Exchange - is a limited edition T-shirt???

And this blue one which has " Heart A|X Armani Exchange" is all my crazy for owning this small piece of luxury goods.

I love love love the white Tshirt! It's my.favourite of all...

Just thought I'd post pics of my buys.. just for the sake of immortalizing this moment in blogsphere .. afterall, how often do you get to buy some luxury item and post-it on your blog page?

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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Maxim Dim Sum @ Sungai Dua 8.9.2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's is not the same as having breakfast in Penang... it's better!! haha

Penang is noted for it's super super delicious delicacies and fascinating culinary variety.
And breakfast, being the most important meal of the day, has itself an aray of choices to choose from here in Penang.

This morning we decided to have Dim Sum.. yes, although dim sum can be found almost all corners of the world, this chinese cuisine is very much an everyday affair for some Penangites :)

So here's one of the many chinese restaurants offering dim sum for breakfast seekers...

Maxim is located in sungai dua area, next to Taman Pekaka. It's close by Tesco Extra, Sungai Dua.

Í come here often because of the yummy dim sum and as you will quickly realise, during the weekends, the place is packed!!! And tables as well as parking space becomes a challenge to find empty. I usually tah-pau home.

Here's what Maxim offers:

Agood sellection of steamed dim sum,

As well as fried ones... I usually go for the fried...

 They even put up a sign board on "How to order" !! Cool!!!

 My usual order of the day... something sweet, something salty, and something hot... something steamed, something fried... ahh.... DIM SUM Goodness!!!


Monday, 3 September 2012

Tea - with Twining...

Lately, I've been more and more inspired to drink Tea... it feels like royalty to sip on a cuppa hot tea...and enjoying a relaxing afternoon.. just like the Brits do... ahh...

and my Mom just loves Camomile tea.. she loves the aroma and the soothing feeling of the tea. Like how the name sounds, camomile can calm the nerves...

and get this! (Read the label on the box above).. by appointment to HRH QEII... wow, just reading that part made this purchase of mine all the more worth the RM14.99 i spent...

Aparently, this brand is quite well-knowned in Singapore. And I was surprised to find it in Tesco. Okay, maybe i shouldn't be that surprised because Tesco is afterall a British-owned company...silly me..

This box comes with 25 tea bags.. that's 25 cups of calming tea-cups :)