Saturday, 20 July 2013

Macalister Mansion ~ Dining Room

I recently had the opportunity to visit Macalister Mansion's Dining Room restaurant. It's suppose to be Penang's fine dining French restaurant. Thus my very enthusiasm to find out how the food is, there.

They only serve dinner... hence the same of the restaurant.

I went there last month and it was for a work function

Here's what we had.

For starters, they served mini croissants with tuna and caviar, a dinner roll and treats.
Drinks was mango juice or was it orange juice... and plain water :)
The first course was the salad.. This was so interesting. Even the presentation of the dish was so elegant.
It was raw salmon, with raspberry jelly at the bottom shaped like a red moon. It came with the tossed salad encircled in a ring of cracker. I liked this very much!
Second course was the seafood soup. It was supposed to be ?seabass soup with crab...Before it reached our table, I could smell this as it was coming out of the kitchen. It certainly smelled like Hokkien Mee... that prawn-ny! This was the least favourite of mine. It came with croutons and in the top right corner of the soup bowl (pic), it's the crab meat in cream. 

This is the palate cleanser. Mango sorbet.

Next off is the Main Course. Cod fish!!

 This was a generously thick piece of cod fish! It was tasty and simply delicious! It was topped off with caviar.

As you can see, I clearly cleaned off my plate! hehehe

Then it was time for desserts...
An edible bowl made of chocolate, filled with ice-cream, caramel crisp, nuts, and edible flowers... You have to eat it with a bit of everything to taste the completeness of the dessert. I was blown away with the presentation :))

Lastly, they served petit four... comprising of the famour macaroon, a fruit tart, chocolate, and a biscuit with fruit. Simple and effective...

I was so so happy that night. The dinner was simply divine... hahaha...

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Gold Choice lifestyle cafe @ Bayan Baru

 Bayan baru area is now packed with new eateries and restaurants. One such new area is at One Precinct.
 It's something like Oldtown Kopitiam... being named after their own brand of coffee mix. Gold Choice also has its own brand of coffee.

The food they offer is a mixture of local cuisine and western.

Here's what we ordered.

Noodles with beef and a sunny side up.

 Rice with beef... with a sunny side up too...

And here's the best of it all... French toast served with kaya! Delicious!!!

My usual 'yin yang' drink :)

Friday, 12 July 2013

Winter warmers @ All Seasons

Winter warmers is expanding... or has expanded. Their latest new outlet is at All Seasons in farlim.

As it's another outlet, well the menu remains the same...
The only thing I realised was that for members, they don't have the member's promotion on the usual Tuesdays or Thursdays ... bummer... Well, that was in the beginning.. now that I've checked their website at, the all seasons outlet is listed to offer the promotions... yay

 Camomile tea... in a pot..

My usual order... the fruit punch...
and my favourite main course... chicken croissant
Most importantly, I love love love their pasta salad side dish!
Just wished they'd have it on the menu for me to order as ala chart!
So, if ever any of you at winterwarmers happen to read my blog, please take note... hehe

This is the teriyaki chicken with rice


Thursday, 4 July 2013

Twelve Cups - Coffee, Mille Crepe, Juice

It's been a long while since the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S series ended. And one of the many things the sitcom started besides the huge amount of loyal fans is the love for coffee houses and cafes to hang-out with your besties.

Such crazy and fashion has spread everywhere and Malaysia has not been spared. ~Thankfully :)
So now, we in Penang also see a trend of new and cool hang-out cafes and coffee houses.

The twelve cups is one such place.

 They combine 2 most frequently yearned food... coffee + millie crepe ... YUM!

 This was back in April this year that I first tried out their millie crepe...

 I think it's called the tiramisu? or Peanut butter chocolate... ...I forget... either way, it was delicious!!

All good things come with an equally good price... These cakes cost about RM10-13 per piece...
Still, it was worth it :)