Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Eastern wishes Nanyang & THai Restaurant @ I-Avenue

This is my second post on Eastern Wishes Nanyang & Thai Restaurant. Like in my previous post  I had mentioned that this family business has expanded and acquired the next door shoplot. So now it covers a space of 2 shoplots.

Decor of the new section
I've never sat at the newly reopened area because it was meant for large families or large gatherings with big numbers of people...

This time, the old section was fully occupied and I finally got to sit in the new section. Unfortunately, the new section doesn't have TV facilities, whereas the older section has 2 TV sets for viewing.

I guess where you sit has its pros and cons... hahah

Back to the food, as usual, their service and food is quick yet affordable... and yummy too!

Within minutes of our orders, our food was served!! Super fast, even on a day that they have almost full house.... this is really called FAST-FOOD!!

Our dinner - 4 dishes with rice

Mixed vegetables RM7

Basil chicken (left). Mixed veg (right)

Sweet&sour fish (left) Thai green curry chicken (right)

We ordered Basil chicken (RM10), Sweet&Sour fried fish (RM10), Thai Green Curry Chicken (RM12) and Mixed vegetables (RM7)

soooo yummy!

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Monday, 29 October 2012

Manhattan Fish Market @ Queensbay Mall

 It's food voucher time! Yes, Manhattan Fish Market was having this promotion for their small platter with soup and drink for only RM28. I bought this coupon from I Love Discounts.
The main dish was the Small Platter. It was a plate ie 'platter' of dory fish with 4 grilled prawns with their special signature sause! It came with buttered rice, carrots and brocolli. What more could I have asked? Absolutely love MFM!
 This is the soup. I think it was chowder?? (sorry can't remember). The cubes you see there are actually potato chunks :)) Very creamy and thick! Excellent...
Oh, to suppliment the meal, we ordered country mushrooms! My favourtie! (not pictured here though. I have a picture in my previous post entry) These were the sause that our food came in.
 From the top, Honey mustard - came with the mushrooms.. best ever sause..! Next is Mayo, Chilli, Tomato and Thousand island.

I think the vouchers are still available at ilovediscount.com.my
Check them  out if you love MFM like me...

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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Astaka ~ Malaysian Delivery

I stumbled across this food court just behind the Penang stadium. They mainly sell Malay cuisine although they do have chinese style food which is Halal. And the best part was, this place actually delivers food for a minimum order of RM16. Cool huh! Our very own malaysian food delivery... hehe

I was looking for a light snack and they had fried mushrooms!! OMG, so delicious! The batter was light and yummy. This cost about RM4 ~4.50 (cant really remember).

If annyone is looking for this place, well, it is situate next to the Shell station, behind the Penang Stadium :)

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Saturday, 27 October 2012

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Friday, 26 October 2012

Surprise in the Mail ~ Bonuslink

This came in the mail yesterday afternoon.

And it was labeled 'FRAGILE' .. ooo...

 When i opened, it was covered with bubble-wrap...
I wondered what it was...
But the mailing address gave away the surprise... HAHA

It was from BONUSLINK. Click-fresh plastic containers... I absolutely love these~!
The instructions says that they are air-tight, waterlock & microwave safe!!!. Super awesome!!
And Bonuslink has them on point-knock down... I'm so so happy I decided to get them...
The plastic is really good too!

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Thursday, 25 October 2012

My very own QR-Code!

QR Code
Awesome things these QR codes..! You see them everywhere now-a-days.
More and more in the newspapers, in advertisements and on websites! Lets just say it's becoming a trend. And, it's the next new thing in town.
Finally I got one for this blog of me ;)
AWE-some or what! hehe

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

October Birthdays!

October has been a special month to me. It's probably because of the fact that two very important people in my life have their birthdays in October! The other reason is probably because most of my friends' birthdays also fall in the month of October.

So, October babies, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!

This year, to celebrate, we wanted something special. Not the usual cake, but ICE-CREAM CAKE.
Baskin Robins was the choice.

As you can see, the above cake has strawberry ice-cream with vanilla sponge cake. Super yum!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Godiva Chocolates ~ Luxury at my fingertips

I'm currently indulging in my most favourite thing ~ chocolate! This is especially tru with GODIVA chocolates!! super yum!

This is a picture of what I have left. There was actually another bar, which I couldn't wait to eat before these pictures (sorry!) The one that's not in the picture was the chocolate bar with raspberry-filling. THat bar was the best!

Godiva chocolates are so rich with cocoa what you can actually taste its richness. I'm really a sucker for everything cocolate... what can I say :)

Sunday, 21 October 2012

CLick-on & Keep Reading

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Once again, ThaNK YoU for reading!

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Saturday, 20 October 2012

siTigun @ Jalan Nagore

After eating at PikNik (from earlier post here), we headed across to siTigun for some coffee. Neither of us have been there and so this was a rare but good opportunity to try-out the cafès along Nagore Road.
Micro coffee roastery, as the canopy says... As we wee walking in, the aroma from the coffee was evident in the air. Ahh... smell of fresh coffee always makes me feel right at home.

The place was decorated with many pieces reminding you of the good old days. A special mention should be worthy of a bicycle which is hung at the back of the shop, just next to the coffee counter. Super cool! The other paraphernalia that they had adorning the cafe was this huge 'wau' or traditional kite (as in pic)
As we were already full from the previous cafe, we only had drinks and dessert here.
I ordered their siTigun regular coffee and my other friend ordered a cuppa hot capucino.

I have a video of my drink, which I will include later once i've figured out how to block off the sound.

Anyway, we also ordered a slice of apple pie (RM14. something - if i remembe correctly)
It came with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

They also serve tiramisu by the way and alot of other cakes too

I gather that this place mainly caters to tourist and young yuppies of Penang, i suppose, as the prices are quite alot for coffe and pie... oh well... perhaps this is the going rate for tourist? or I'm just too trifty?

Check out the place at their website here

30 Jalan Nagore
10050 Pulau Pinang
Phone: 04-228 7108

Tuesday - Sunday
8.00am to 10.00pm

Piknik @ Nagore Road

I have read about this cafe a few times before and had always wanted to visit this small niche situated along Nagore Rd, Penang. It has opened its doors in one of Penang's heritage buildings (not too sure about the heritage status) ~ point being that the row of now-converted-shops were once a row of town-houses. My grand relatives used to stay in one of these houses a very very long time ago.

 Being in the blogsphere of FOOD and nothing but Food, in Penang, word comes around and goes around about new and up-coming cafes. Piknik was one of the cafes much talked about especially their famous waffles.

 We visited this place after work. It was on the 12th Oct. Yes, I still remember... the moment we all stepped-in, we were greeted by colourful ceiling lights and super comfortable sofa just beside the window.
I ordered the smoked salmon waffle and my friend ordered fried rice.
 The salmon was rather a very thin abeit small piece covering a layer of scrambled eggs, sitting together on a piece of waffle. The piece was quite alot for something of this portion. I was abit let-down. 

My friend's fried rice looked pretty simple with a sunny-side up. She wasn't too excited about her plate either. Sigh.
But the good news is, this place has cool decor! It has combined creative art with the vintage look to give it a pleasant feel. Kudos on the lights! I must say, using plastic baskets as lamp shades was a great idea! How inspiring...

I suppose the food from the menu selection could taste better, I just hadn't tried the rest yet.
Maybe i'd find something i'd like more... the waffles were ok... nothing to crow about though
Find-out more at their facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/PIKNIKEVERYDAY

Friday, 19 October 2012

Italiannis @ Gurney Paragon ~ recurring visit!

 Italiannies is fast becoming one of my favourite dining outlets, especially since they brought it up North to Penang. I must say, they have good food on their menu, abeit the rather slightly high pricing of their dishes. Well, I guess with good quality food comes an equally as good price :)

One of my favourite must-order items is the stuffed mushrooms!! O.M.G these are sooo good especially to go with their free-flow of bread & vinegar... Tender meat and soft mushrooms topped with cheesy sause - ah, my mouth is watering as i type!

Next-up, we ordered the Fettuccini Carbonara and Seafood Risotto. We wanted a good variety of pasta so one noodle and one rice. Both dishes were tasty and filling. And I mean... really FILLING!

We were so full by the end of the meal it was hard to take another bite... but... then this kind waiter came-up to our table and offered us a taste of their yet-to-be-on-menu dessert on the house!
How can anyone turn-down dessert especially if it's on the house! Ás they say, there's always room for dessert!

The surprise dessert was bread pudding with vanilla cream sause. Simple yet delicious! It was really good! This dessert was served freshly baked out of the oven;  with the sweet smelling vanilla and cinnamon all rolled into one....


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Gloria Jeans Coffee

Penang has yet another coffee outet selling great yummy coffee. I should wanna call it 'designer coffee'. For starters, the pricing of the drink itself puts it in a totally different category as the usual kopitiam (local coffee shops) found along many a streets in downtown Georgetown :)
And for seconds, these 'designer coffees' are, well, mainly imported beans - which smell great, by the way.
Anyhow, Penangites have now, the choice of Gloria Jeans coffees to choose from, apart from the already many other coffee retailers that have sprouted throughout the island. Yay for coffee lovers...

 Yes, yes, yes, Gloria Jeans has finally come to Penang. It's first and currently sole outlet in Penang is in 1st Avenue, ground floor to be exact. It has taken home in the outlet which was previously Breeks cafe. The latter has since closed down.

Gloria Jeans has been in Malaysia for some time - only mainly in KL. I have seen Gloria Jeans in KL previously and was wondering if they would ever come-up to Penang. Now that it is available to Penangites, I was pleasantly surprised that Gloria Jeans also carries their own line of Lasagna. I was curious enough to wanna try it out.
It cost me alot, i remember thinking to myself "this better taste good'. Sorry i can;t remember the price though. But in the end i think it tasted like any other microwaved meal - flat.
A big disappointment on my taste buds.
The big safe came from the drinks. I ordered chocolate blended... with cream. YUM! I'm a huge chocolate fan, so no surprise there :)
I'm glad that Penang has now many choices of coffee outlets to choose from. StarBucks N CoffeeBean, you've got competition :)
There's O'brien, Pacific Coffee, and now Gloria Jeans... aaahhh, choices choices :)