Thursday, 15 August 2013

Chips & Chops - Batu Lanchang

Holar! THis is another new western food outlet... and believe it or not, the owner also owns Salsa restaurant...   :)

This is a more modest western food outlet, whose prices are more pocket-friendly and economical.

The ambiance is modern chic...with portraits of famous artists hanging on the white walls

 They also have an out-door area for smokers...

As mentioned, their prices are cheaper than the parent restaurant Salsa. Their set lunches are only RM10 nett!!!

We ordered two sets

 The set was the beef spaghetti Bolognese... which came with soup and drink

And the chicken chop

The main thing about this restaurant is that it's prices are kept affordable and economical. They even have a card programme going-on, where for every set lunch you order, you get a stamp. After collecting 20 stamps, you get a free set lunch/dinner.

For me, I am a true Salsa fan. I prefer dining at Salsa Restaurant anyday :) It's the best so far...

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Kochabi @ Gurney Paragon

Taiwan Kochabi has opened another outlet in Gurney Paragon. It seems like more and more familiar food outlets are opening in Paragon.
Taiwan Kochabi is situated on the 5th floor just next to the FOod court  in Paragon.

The menu seems the same. And we ordered the usual...
Three cups chicken with rice...
Soup Noodles with fried chicken...

and ...
Fried cod fish roll
(RM12.90) for 5 pieces

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Salsa Restaurant @ Gurney Paragon

New old restaurant! That's what I like to call it :)

Salsa restaurant has been around for a long long time. It started it's first shop at Hotel Continental, along Upper Penang Road.

Now, it has spread it's wings and opened a second outlet, bearing the same name, in the latest, most happening mall which just opened - Gurney Paragon

Take a look around the new place...

It's new premise is found next to the Padini outlet. I think it's on the second floor. It's located outside and there's a direct escalator & elevator leading to the restaurant. It faces Jalan Kelawai, by the way :)

I went there on the second day of it's opening... [pretty fast, eh :)] that was in July (30/7/2013)

So, as you can see, the new Salsa has maintained it's signature red accented walls... and the lovely picture paintings on the walls.

Now, to the menu...

Nice, clear pictures to introduce their foods... I believe the prices are the same as the restaurant along Penang Road. The only draw-back is that they do not serve their famous set lunches/ set dinners at the new outlet.

Those of you who, like myself, are a keen fan of their set lunches/set dinners, well, the good news is that they still offer the sets at their place at Penang Road. Just not the new one. Perhaps they will introduce it later? Fingers crossed.

Now to the food...

We ordered Lamb Shank and Beef Lasagne

Lamb shank - tender and delicious!
 The lamb shank was so well done! We requested it to be extra tender and they did just that! So happy they complied to our request. It was simply delicious!
Really worth the money we paid for it...

Beef Lasagne
Mine was the beef lasagne... this was also a favourite! I like that the dish came with the side salad. A mixture of alfafa grass, lettuce, tomatoes and arugula... topped with balsamic vinegar...

I can safely say that their dishes are similar to the ones at the outlet in Hotel Continental - still as delicious, still as satisfying :)

Friday, 9 August 2013

Sushi Zanmai @ Gurney Paragon

Sushi Zanmai has finally reached the shores of Penang island. I remember first eating at this outlet in The Gardens Mall, midvalley, KL. That was way back in 2011/2012 I think. So, now it has opened it's first outlet in Gurney Paragon :)

It's abit small compared to other outlets. And the whole chain of food outlet under the SuperSushi brand opened next to each other here at Gurney Paragon. There's Sushi Zanmai, Rakuramen, and Pasta Zanmai on the same floor, situated next to each other, side by side. Oh, not forgetting the Hokkaido Ice cream too!! (well, that's another post altogether)

This post will be about Sushi Zanmai alone :)

Before I begin, may I just say that the line queuing to get a table to Sushi Zanmai was a crazy 30-45min wait. The queue was THAT long!! And there were crazy amounts of people just willing to queue to get in. Yes, I was one of those crazy people... :)) I went there on 1st August.

And even days after their opening special ended, the lines of people waiting to eat at Sushi Zanmai was still as about good business!

Nice ambiance in the restaurant.
Loved the circle booths, which we sat in! Super comfortable, and it gives good privacy.

Here's the menu... well, part of it...
See the top left hand corner? I never knew there were so many was to prepare green tea drinks... *feeling excited*

Their opening offer was this plate of salmon. Five thick slices of raw salmon for RM8.80 (N.P 10.50) The salmon was so fresh and tasty! It simply felt like gelatine in your mouth... just melting.. aaaaa :)

 I ordered this salad too. It's a combination of raw salmon, avocado and fish roe, topped with radish and lettuce. RM7.80 I found the portion size was smaller than expected.


Chawanmushi. But theirs was a bit special. In it had brown mushrooms, and a WHOLE prawn, and fish cakes. The usual chawanmushi-s that I've tasted so far, didn't have a whole prawn. And it was NOT a miserablely small prawn. RM4.90 Super worth it :))
Next-up was spicy unagi maki. Very good!!! RM12.90 I like the sweetness of the unagi in the center and the crunchy-ness of the fried crabstick on top. The mayo/sauce that came with it just sealed the deal on this dish. YUM!

So here's the overview of what we ordered...


I'll be posting about Pasta Zanmai and Rakuzen in my following posts... stay tuned!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

OldTown Kopitiam @E-gate

OldTown White Coffee Kopitiam has introduced a new menu for the month of Ramadhan this year. It's called the MyDulang set. And in my opinion, it's really worth it!
The main dish comes with rice (nasi kunyit) , two chicken screwers (satay) in peanut sauce, keropok lekor, rendang chicken/beef, cucumber and shredded omelette, cooked long beans, and kangkung sambal hae bee.
All this is served in a 'dulang' rattan basket - so creative!
The set comes with a drink and dessert.
The drink is a choice of hot/cold teh tarik or coffee.
The dessert is ice kacang with rose syrup/gula Melaka.
All choices are super super yummy!

The sets come in Individual MyDulang set costing RM16.90 and Family MyDulang set costing RM39.90

In my experience, the individual set is enough for 2 persons. But, if you're a big eater, then perhaps the individual sets feeds just one. hehe....

But, seriously, this deal is worth the money, since they offer a nice combination of local delicacies in a single Dulang :)

Try it for yourself. Hurry before the promotion runs out...

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Sephora @ Gurney Paragon

Gurney Paragon finally open in Penang on the 23 July 2013! Amongst the many many shops that they bring is Sephora. Sephora has so many beauty products. Shelves and shelves of make-up, nail polish, and perfume to choose from. So exciting!


My very first purchase from Sephora is this.

Lipstick from NYX

I simply love this shade of pink. So Sweet!

I got it in this shade simply called LSS636 Gardenia
It only cost me RM19
and it says cruelty free on the label.
And it's made in Taiwan
Check out NYX other beauty products here
I've just put it on once and so far so good...
I'm not into beauty products as much, and I don't wear make-up daily; just the occasional formal functions, weddings, etc.
I just can't believe that Sephora is finally in Malaysia. I think (correct me if i'm wrong) that Penang has Sephora's second outlet in the whole of Malaysia! The first being in near Pavillion KL. Way the go Penang!! Woo Hoo!!