Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter Sunday! 2013

Happy Easter Sunday to one and all who are celebrating or simply enjoying the holidays. It is afterall, a Sunday :)

My Easter this year came so suddenly... it felt that way to me, dunno why. Probably because I didn't have time to decorate or to make extra effort in making Easter that festive. Easter is not celebrated on a big scale in Malaysia, but nevertheless, Easter Sunday is a religious celebration for us Christians :)

Here's how my Easter went.

Mass in the morning...

Followed by Easter lunch at MFM

These are salt N pepper shakers in the shape of eggs... found on the tables at MFM.. hahaha

Once again, Happy Easter!!


Friday, 29 March 2013

Bread History @ Queensbay

These day, bakeries have started with a one-stop eat concept. And Bread History is one of them. Bread History outlet at Queensbay mall doubles as a cafe on top of being a bakery. I recently went there for lunch and I tried out their set lunches.
They had set A and set B
Set A costs RM9.90 for a choice of pasta and coffee or tea
Set B was RM19.90 for choices from their chicken selection (poultry) - if i'm not mistaken... Dun worry, the waitress will explain the menu as you sit down and she hands you the menu :)
So, we choice one set A and one set B
The set A we chose was Spaghetti bolognese with hot coffee...and for set B, we picked chicken gordon blue, with iced tea.

Iced tea, and hot coffee

Spaghetti Bolognese

Chicken Gordon Blue
The spaghetti sauce was tasty and had pieces of meanced meat. This was good. And at only RM9.90, what a great deal.

The chicken gordon blue was also another great choice. It came with the same sauce as would the chicken chop choice. So, it wasn't dry. The batter was crisp, thin and light. Just the way anything fried in batter should be!! Very impressed.

The chicken (like the dish name suggests) was stuffed with ham and cheese. Really good amounts of ham and cheese was found in my stuffed chicken. Happy about that! :)

So my opinion is that this set thinggy is a good deal! Value for money

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Macalister Mansion

 Tucked away in the heart of town amongst the hustle and bustle of city life, is a pretty white mansion very nicely decorated and covered in a rich coat of white paint.
This is Macalister Mansion located on (needless to say) Macalister Road.
It's just next to new wing of  Loh Guan Lye specialist hospital.

 Once you step, in it feels like a totally different place. It feels like home. This is the Living Room. No, it's not the living room of your house. The name of the restaurant is called the Living Room; which of course tries to simulate a home living-room environment :)

Notice the cleverly drawn and painted mural of a fire-place in the wall... And book-racks with cat drawings too... NICE!  Love the 'all-white' concept. It gives the room a wide and spacious effect. Yes, white tends to do that to a room. The simple yet effective decor like hanging plants and lamp shades are accented in comparison to the white walls.

Okay, enough of the ambiance. Down to the food.

 It seems to me, the main theme colour in the Living Room is White and Green accents... menu cover is green, menu bow is green, place mate has lime-green motives. NICE!

 The Living Room offers set lunches called Express Lunch from 12pm till 3pm at RM45 ++ as well as ala chart choices. The some set lunch selection has additional charges to the RM45++, so be watchful of what you're ordering.

 Needless to say, I ordered the set lunch.
First course was the soup of the day ~ Mushroom soup with dark, crouton. Dunno why they roasted the crouton till it's this colour... (pic below)

Soup was okay. Alittle wattered down for my liking. But still tasty.

 Choice of coffee or tea. Mind you, although they sell TWG teas, the one that comes with the set is not from TWG.
My main course was the Chicken breast with mash potato (sorry can't remember exactly the name of this dish). I must say, I was worried the chicken breast would taste tough and fibrous. But to my pleasant surprise, it was moist and tender, not to mention tasty and juicy!!! The most difficult part of the chicken to marinate and make juicy, the Living Room chef managed to do just that!!! Impressed!
The crumbly beige pieces you see on the right side of my plate is actually cauliflower diced. This was not expected, but something new... Loved the potato mash below. And see the dark sauce beneath everything else? That's a sauce made from olive oil... or at least that's what I heard from the waiter, if I heard it correctly... ahah. That, my fellow readers made the whole dish super tasty... I can't quite describe it.. It's just YUM!

 My friend ordered the angel hair spaghetti with I think it was seafood (I might be wrong). She says it's was okay :))

Finally, desserts...
The dessert of the say was this lovely moist coffee-cake! I called it coffee cake because it had a hint of tiramisu, but it's not tiramisu. And has alcohol in it. Again, the waiter did say the name of the cake, but it escapes me... (sorry). What I remember is the crunchy caramel coated walnuts or pecan nuts on top. And the yummy sponge cake which was soaked in alcohol... maybe rum..and...mascarpone. It was simply heavenly... hahah

Find out more about the Living Room at

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream @ Queensbay

For all you ice-cream lovers, Haagen-Dazs is currently having a Tea-time promotion. From 3pm-5pm, order a Brownie, One scoop of ice-cream and get any cup of coffee/tea for only RM23++

I went for this deal on a Wednesday 13.3.2013

 And I chose a cup of Caramel Latte with Caramel sauce! Delicious!!!

 Here's the Brownie and ice-cream. The flavour I wanted was Macademia nuts... (apparently, it's the only ice-cream flavour on their menu with nuts in it)

At first glance, the brownie was pretty dark... and I had my doubts... but once I tasted their brownie, boy was it Chocolate-ty GOOD!! It was moist, and chocolaty...and simply delicious!!! So good!!! and fresh!!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Manhattan Fish Market @ All Seasons

Women's International Day was on the 8th of March 2013
And to celebrate all women, Manhattan Fish Market was so generous to give a free plate of their Scallop Americana to any woman dressed in purple in conjuction with Women's International Day 2013
How thoughful of MFM!!


Thursday, 14 March 2013

Uniqlo @ Queensbay Mall

Uniqlo has finally opened its doors on the shores of Penang island! Yes!! I still remember my first Uniqlo shopping experience in Singapore's ION mall back in 2010. Yes, it's been thaaaattt long! My first ever purchase from there was a round neck striped T-shirt. Still have it, still wear it, still as comfortable...
So, back to Penang. On the 8th of March, Uniqlo had it's grand opening. And with it's ceremonious opening, comes good offers and deals! Yes, their opening sales was a good enough deal to attract many on the first day of opening. The best deal being the free tote bag to the first 500 people who walked into the shop.
No, I wasn't one of the 500, but it did cross my mind to go be amongst the first 500. Unfortunately, 8th was on a friday, and like most middle-class people trying to earn a living, I was at work on Fridays...
Sigh... nevertheless, I was at Uniqlo's on the 9th.
And... AND... A.N.D I got my tote bag nonetheless...hahaha
See, my lovely cotton tote bag... !!! It came with a purchase of RM200 and, yeah, I basically used money to get this bag :)
So, the total damage caused came to RM289.90!!!


 I just love the paper bags the Uniqlo had to offer that day... nice Disney ones... they also had Hello Kitty paper bags in white, but dunno why the cashier who served me gave me all 3 bags of the same kind... APALER!!!...

I bought 2 T-shirts, 2 pairs of Jeans, and 2 jackets... OMG only now do I realise that I bought everything in twos... aisheh....

The T-shirts were going for RM24.90 each. Original price was RM59.90 which was brought down to an initial RM49.90. and the opening sales brought it down even further. They were, of course off season prints...

I got one Barbie print that came with a free hair band, and another Mickey Mouse print, hence the 3 Disney paper bags :))

They were also selling these skin-tight jeans for RM49.90 per pair... so worth it! Got 2, one in sea-blue and another in navy.

Their largest sizes were 29 ... ooppss, now you know how fat I am...

The coats were also at opening sale prices. RM69.90 each. Loved this buy! I bought one for mum and another for me.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Habanero @ Queensbay

There's a new mexican food outlet in town! Yes, yes... all you amigos and senoritas, your appetite shall be now satisfied! hehe

 It's situated in Queensbay's north zone, the same side where you'll find Maybank located, only 2 floors up, on the 3rd floor.

It's were all the new murals and wall art is, where couples like to go snap snap pics. Also, it's on the same floor as the newly opened brand, Seoul Garden. (but that's another blog story)

 So, back to Habanero....

 They offer a choice of tacos, burito wraps or your meal in a bowl.
I always, always go for the tacos... LOVE the crunchy-ness of taco shells
 Then, there's a choice of filling: accordingly priced with the different types of fillings...
 Then it's down to the toppings... salsa, corn... cheese, take your pick
 And... viola! (ok that's not mexican.. but you get the idea)
My Taco!!

The price is around RM11.9 onwards, depending on your filling and the type of wrap. They also offer sets to complete your meal.. eg, nachos and drink for an extra RM5...

So all you mexican food lovers, Penang now has almost all kinds of cuisine to savour!! Head on down to Habanero if you have your jalapeno craving satisfied :)))

Mine's always the TACO with the least chili