Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Baskin Robbins 31 Flavours @ Sungai Dua

Like my previous post, this is another one on desserts. This time it's ice-cream, baby!
Where else can you get ice-cream parlours in Penang, other than Haagen Daz? Why it's from Baskin Robins of course... a much cheaper and sweeter choice...

Maybankcard holders are entitled to get a discount.. for these babies... sorry I can't remember how much a discount it was... but Every Pink Wednesday and every 31th of the month, Baskin Robins have their usual discounts and special deals...

Thursday, 23 May 2013

J CO coffee @ Queensbay Mall

I'm a sucker for desserts... especially yogurt! J CO although sells coffee and doughnuts, also have yummy yogurt ice cream!

My usual order with one topping ... either strawberries or peaches...
this time it was Peaches...

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Victoria Rossa - English Tea Room @ Irrawaddy Rd

This post would probably be heavy with pictures. I went to this English tea room on two consecutive days in March (around the 23rd and 24th) for hi-tea and then again for dinner.
Here's how it all went ...
A little show of the restaurant's ambiance, décor, and furniture...all English style.

On the first visit, we had the Hi-tea set, for two people.

 They had the usual scones with jam, sandwiches, muffins and biscotti...
The set came with a  choice of 2 teas...

 Look how cute the tea-pots were covered in their respective jackets :)

 Next-up was dinner on the very next day...

A different Menu for dinner

Cute basket for my handbag

Love the décor of the table top

Mushroom soup

I enjoyed the sandwiches from the Hi-Tea set, that I ordered ala chart for dinner too!!
 The sandwich squares are rather small for RM9.90 though

 Dinner was all about pies... Initially wanted the Shepard's pie, but they were all out of it... Ended up ordering beef pie and chicken pie... which was a disappointment as both pies tasted the same with the same sauce expect for the different meat... :(

Because they were out of (I think it was..) mash potato, they had compensated it with a muffin. This was really good! Fresh, light and fluffy... mocca flavoured..


Friday, 10 May 2013

Starbucks Tumblers 2013

I bought my second Starbucks tumbler in pink! Yes, it was on 7th April that I made this purchase. Sorry, only now posting. But it's so sweet and girlie... love the pink and the supposedly origami sakura flowers motive... !!!

Yeap, it cost me RM 48 bucks for it... but I still love it. It's much bigger than my first tumbler... which I bought for RM36 (I think) way back in... in... errrmm.... can't quite remember... maybe 2010? or 2009??

I also got talked into buying this Starbucks card too...

Supposedly can get free drink if I purchased the tumbler... but I have yet to check it out...
DOn't you just love the design on the card?
Well, it's suppose to be for valentine's... way back in February.. haha


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Voting as a Responsible Citizen

On this day May 5th 2013, I as a true Malaysian and a responsible member of the public had exercised my right to vote!

This was day marked many 'first's for many reasons.

For one, it was my first time voting since I registered and since I turned 21 and was eligible to vote.

This was also the first time my family all voted together.

This was also my brother's first time voting. He flew back all the way, just to vote.

This was Malaysia's first GE using the indelible ink.

Today, Malaysian all came together to vote. It has recorded the highest number of voters and turn-out in Malaysian history.

Yes, Malaysia made history today. And I was part of it.

I love Malaysia

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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Kurtos Spiroll - Tradisional European Chimney Cake @ Queensbay Mall

As promised earlier, I said I'd write a post on this new dessert in town. Well, new in Penang lar...
It's none other than Kurtos Spiroll. Like what the description says, it's a tradisional European chimney cake... from Hungary, if i'm not mistaken haha...

See, the ready made original flavoured spiroll... ready to be covered with toppings or simply eaten as it is...

I ordered mine with nutella and walnut toppings.. so the girl here is covering the spirolls with what i'd ordered. RM5.90

Price menu


They even tell you how to eat this baby! See, the picture? and the steps... haha

Oooo... looks good...!

Here's how you're suppose to eat it... a step-wise pictogram below.. haha

Yes, you're suppose to pull it apart like so...
The outter shell is covered with sugar/caramel.. and the inside of the bread is soft... a good mixture of sweet, crunchy and fluffy.... oh and the toppings make it taste even better :)

Reminiscent of old times

Im now sitting in a Starbucks café sipping on my free iced coffee... And in the background plays a very old and familiar song "all my life, to cross this line, to the only thing that's true... All my life I've waited, this is true.." Wow, that song just brings back so many memories....

Yes, that song was by McCartney if im not mistaken... Or if memory serves we correct, it really was... The soundtrack from that Amanda Barnes movie, 'What A Girl Wants'??? Or am I getting everything mixed up.

I digress. Here I am in this café, absorbing as much aroma of the coffee beans as I possibly can. My books lay open before me... Im suppose to be studying. Damn.

Actin and myosin. Excitation-contraction coupling... physio. I must get back to studying.

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