Sunday, 26 August 2012

Yi café @ 1st Avenue

I was at 1st Avenue today.. partly because I haven't been there in a long while... and partly because i wanted to take photoes/ see the Lego displays held there.

Also, One Academy was having their sort-of exhibition with a display of art-work by their students at 1st Avenue. Wanted to get my caricreture done.. but chickened out at the last minute.

So, here's what we had for lunch. It was as Yi Cafe. A restaurant offering chinese food, dim sum, and also japanese cuisine... quite a variety... the price.. also ahem...

da Menu
 I ordered the HongKong style fried rice. It was good! Liked the fact that they served it with chicken floss and cashuenuts...(delightful*). Really worth the money...
Fried rice ... HongKong style RM err.. cant quite remember.. RM7 maybe
 We also ordered crisy noodles... it was seafood... came with yummy mushrooms...not bad this one.
Noodles...RM 9
 I;d wanted to try-out their dim sum variety.. so this is what I ordered. Ha Kao... or prawn dumpling... Quite disappointing. You could say I've had better... The skin was too thick and gooey...
Prawn dumplings RM4.50 per plate of 3
 Lastly, a pot of tea to go with any chinese dish... they also offer individual cups of tea... but the pot is more worth it :)
The whole pot costs RM5

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Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Wine Shop @off Burmah rd

Like the name suggests, this shop sells wine... and on top of it, they also have a restaurant selling cheeses to go with their wine.  They have encorporated a restaurant to suppliment their wine business... and my my the food is good...

 First thing's first. The decor...

 As mentioned previously, they do sell cheeses...just look at their selection here...

Thanks to the Groupon voucher i recently bought, there's the set lunch that came with the discount.
 First course was salad and soup. The salad had, from what i could see was 3 types of vege. With sour cream as dressing? or was that soft cheese? I couldn't tell... and was too shy to ask. But a nice combo...nevertheless...
 I ordered ala cart..deep fried chicken with creamy sauce... (sorry i forgot the actual name of the dish) - this was yummy! Loved the creamy sauce that came with good pieces of mushroom...

Chicken with creamy sauce RM17++

And here's the main course (Groupon voucher) - Pizza.. i chose Hawaiian... with pineapple...Just look at the thick layer of cheese on top!!! It was super duper excellent! The crust was thin and just right! Hand-tossed, i presume... just great!

For those who didn't buy the Groupon, the restaurant offers set lunches at RM33++ per person. It comes with soup, salad, one main course, dessert and free flow of coffee/tea.....quite the value for money, don't you think? :)

Set Lunch
 For dessert, we had mint ice-cream

The address is on the napkin...I would definately come back :)

Friday, 24 August 2012

Garden @ Jelutong, Penang

There's a newly opened restaurant along Jelutong.

I trumbled across this new place a few days back. Judging from their decor, I just was curious enough to try it out. The decor really reminded me of 'The Garden' restaurant in KL.

They offer a variety of choices, similar to restaurants like Kim Gary and Kopitan. But on top of everything else, they offer steam boat as well!! So without hesitation, I ordered it (since the rest could be found else where)

Their steam boat menu came with 4 choices of soup. Each time, you can have a choice of 2 different soups to cook your food in.

They also give you a choice of ala cart or set. Their set came with a big bowl of processed seafood and vegetables. (Although the full list of what's in the set bowl of processed food was not listed.. and er, the waiters couldn't tell me the full list either) Nevertheless, I took a leap of faith and was willing to be surprised at whatever came in that bowl.... heheh

To my surprise, it was a HUGE bowl! Certainly more than for the 1-3 pax!! Haha... so worth it!! and only for RM23 something for the set 1 (1-3pax)... so worth it :) The set came with the huge bowl as i mentioned and with chicken slices.

And the waitress who recommended Thai Suki soup was spot-on! The soup was really good.

I wanted to try other ala cart stuff on the menu, so I ordered noodles, abalone slices and meat balls.

After that lovely steamboat experience, I was looking for some dessert, and wanted to eat ice-cream. Their menu also has many yummy desserts, but I was quite ful and only wanted one scoop of ice-cream.
However, they didn't have single scoop ice-cream on the menu, so the boss gave us free one scoop of ice-cream on da house! Wah.. such a generous boss!! Totally un-expected! :)
So all in all a very good experience at Garden, Jelutong.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Penang's Fisherman's Wharf @ Sunshine Square

The Fisherman's Wharf at Sunshine Square offers various Chinese cuisine at affordable prices. Their set menus are even more money saving!

The set meals comes in a few types depending on the number of people.

We took set A for 1-3 pax which offers:
1) one soup
2) one fish dish
3) one meat/chicken dish
4) one vegetable dish

rice and drinks are not included.

To me the number of dishes are in itself enough to feed more than 3 pax! And the service is really quick! Talk about Chinese fast-food!!

So, we ordered 1) fish dish - fish steamed with soya sauce & ginger 2) onion chicken 3) kangkung sambal

The soup of the day was Black bean soup

First was the fish dish. They gave us slices of fish. It was fresh and the ginger was not over powering - just the way i like it

The best was the Onion chicken. It's basically fried chicken with friend onion rings in a delicious gravy!! Loving everything fried, it's no wonder I like this the most.

Kangkung sambal was pretty good! Not too salty, not too spicy. Just right!

Take a look at the surroundings... They also cater for family functions, weddings, etc... fully air-conditioned. Haha... ok, now I sound like i'm advertising for them... hmm... they should pay me, eh? haha

Here's their address: Printed on the napkins...


July travels...

July has been a really fun and exciting month for me - the sole reason was because I had the opportunity to visit Kuching, Sarawak!

Yes!! I had an amazingly wonderful time in Kuching. It was my first visit there and I stayed at the new and renowned Pullman Hotel Kuching! Can't wait to blog on it later....

And I will be posting all my travel adventures on Kuching in my up-coming blog pages...

So, stay tuned...

In the mean time, take a look at the new food places I visited this Raya :)

P.S - It might take a while before my Kuching travel experiences are up... so pls be patient ya ;P... good things come to those who waiit... hhaahhah


Monday, 20 August 2012

Raya Fiesta - 2nd Day of Raya 2012 @ Korea Palace

I recently bought Groupon vouchers for Korea Palace! I've always wanted to dine here. I remember I had wanted to try this place out a few years back, but at that time, I couldn't afford the large portions and so didn't go in. So this time around, I've finally satisfied my curiousity!

Entrance of the restaurant
This Korea Palace is situated in Tanjung Bungah. No, it's not the one in Kristal point, Bayan Lepas.
Korea Palace is nicely situated on the 1st floor right next to lift services. So, after parking outside, you could go in without any hassle...
As you exit the elevator, the restaurant is to your left.

Check-out the ambience of the place.. .

And the table layout

For drinks, we had free flow of green tea... or was it browned rice tea?? Chilled :)

They even serve Red wine (left) and another bottle (right) which i think is a drink - but it was all in Korean, so dunno waht it actually is...


Free flow of sides!! We were served 8 side dishes. Here they are in random order :-
1) tau geh
2) spicy fish cake
3) broccoli & cauliflower
4) salad in ?yogurt sauce
5)kimchi (compulsory item!! ehehe)
6) long beans in spicy chili
7) pickled cucumber
8) green vege

Heré's our meal!

The main dishes were pork and fish
The way they prepared the pork was stirr-fry style in spicy chilli. Whereas the fish was fried and served with lemon and a special sauce to dip-in. The frying made the fish a little dry to our liking though :) But the accompanying sauce made-up for it.

The meal also came with Kimchi soup! I totally love this soup! It was like having TomYam soup... The soup dish came with TanghOon and mushrooms, and taufu... also had pieces of pork in it. Super like!!

My Groupon voucher was for 2 people. We had 3 at the time, so the server asked us to order one more dish, or else the free flow sides would have to be withdrawn (ie. no free flow, just one off)
So we ordered one more dish! ~ and it was Great too! Loved the ramen!! :)

Three thumbs up!!
This seafood ramen came with clams, prawn, sotong, carrot and gourt. Love the egg texture of the soup. And unlike the Kimchi soup which is sourish, this one is sweet-salty. LOVED IT!

The meal for 2 also came with watermelon as dessert. (not pictured here)

All in all, a satisfying meal.