Sunday, 30 June 2013

My Birthday! I'm a big GIRL now

It's my Birthday and I'm loving it!

In the days building-up to my big birthday, I have been celebrating with lots of cake and lots of eating! :)

What better thing to do for birthdays than to eat and be merry!

On 26th June - the start of all celebrations

This was at Baskin Robbins. I had the cookies and cream ice-cream cake with a Jamoca Almond ice-cream waffle... and yes, the candles :)

27th June - Dinner @ Delicious

We ordered the Strawberry Pavlova & Tiramisu

28th June - Dinner @ Blooms

This was a special dessert of lava cake and ice-cream. Had a candel lighted for me too... aawww...

29th June - Dinner @ The Ship, Batu Ferringhi - Pre-birthday Dinner

Had a cheese cake and a present!! Super ecstatic!

30th June - Birthday Lunch @ Via Pre

Already made my wish and blown my candle... The cake was an Apple crumble

30th June - Birthday Dinner @ Salsa

Loved this restaurant! Had always gone to Salsa's for numerous celebrations... and my birthday with the family was no exception :))

  Got a lovely card from parents... with cash :))

My official birthday cake! with special candles!! :)))

My latest present!! A Speedy 30 from Louis Vutton!! Absolutely love it! This bag is made in France with the lovely leather trimmings and canvas checkered body. I got my friend who was going to paris that time to get me a Speedy 30... and here it is... hahah :))

So happy!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Ric's Burger @ The One Terrace Plus

 Watch-out McDonald's there's a new burger place in town!
It's called Ric's Burgers located in Bayan Lepas at The One Terrace Plus, nearby Sunshine Square.

I recently tried-out this place in April.

 They have a simple menu, offering homemade Pork burgers.
Those who want extra cheese, egg or fries with their burgers, can ask for an add-on

They also have set meals with come with either homemade lemonade/fizzy drink and fries.

Their signature logo up on the wall
This newly opened burger joint is actually quite small with a few tables. Humble beginnings, I should say.. but the staff are friendly and accommodating. I'm sure they will soon expand their place with the many customers that patronise this place :)

 So, what we ordered was one set and one ala chart burger.
The set came with freshly squeezed lemonade and hand-cut fries...

One burger with cheese, one with egg.

Both came in a tray-like plate... nice authentic touch ;)

The burgers were really tasty! Loved their pork patty which was crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside. Best of all, they managed to cure the pork so the meat was not too strong/over-powering-ly porky. Excellent!!!

Burger with cheese

Burger with egg

Homemade Lemonade. This was a let-down. The drink had not much taste of lemon. Probably because it was really diluted and neither sweet nor sour :( But the burgers were great!

My total bill came to RM15
Here's the breakdown:
Ala chart burger RM5
Set meal RM5 + RM3 (lemonade & hand-cut fries)
RM 1 for egg
RM 1 for cheese
not bad eh? cheap... and yummy

Friday, 21 June 2013

La Vanille Pastry @ Hutton Lane

La Vanilla is a small pastry place for all things sweet and cute. It's located along Hutton Lane. And there's a reason why Hutton lane is called a lane and not a road. Hutton lane is super narrow what with parking on both sides of the road. Thus, parking in this area is super super crazy!! Hate the parking. Unfortunately, this lovely shop is situated here. And it was in April that we went to pay them a visit...

 As I've said before, La Vanille seem to have everything sweet, cutesy, and pastel... It reminds me very much of a country home but without roses... I love their tiffany blue theme colour with the little bunny...

They sell cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, macaroons and also serve light lunches too! It's a very cozy  affair when it comes to La Vanille.

Like stated in their own webpage, La Vanille stands for The Vanilla in French as the owner herself loves vanilla.

More menu items were written on an overhead board above the counter. I couldn't read all and just ordered what I could see over their display counter. It seems that they also sell lunch and coffee, which was what I found out later... having read through the boards overhead.

Menu on a black board...

They also cater for weddings, and functions... their famous cupcake tier... sits in the display window as you enter their shop...

 Enough of the simple yet effective décor... Now it's down to their food.
I only went there after lunch, so I was mainly having desserts...
We ordered the blue berry cheese cake RM8.90

This was a really solid dense slice of cheese cake. It was superbly cheesy! The jam on top was abit scarce, Would have loved to have more jam... But the body of the cake, with the dense cheese, was really worth every penny! :)
The base was made of I think it was oreo biscuits... nice!

We next ordered macaroons.. which seem to be an on-going trend these days...
They were selling for RM4 per piece and RM11 for 3 pieces.

The flavours that were left that day was only 4 types: green tea, hazelnut, pandan and jasmine
Too bad they didn't have the other flavours...
Anyway, I chose all except for pandan.

As it turns out, I liked the hazelnut one! No surprise there.. hehe
But the jasmine flavoured one was a real surprise! The filling was chocolate , so that made it even better than the hazelnut.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Bodyshop - Body Butter Beurre Corporel

I went to Langkawi in February and did a lot of shopping. One of the things I came across was The Bodyshop body butter. I had always wanted to buy the strawberry flavoured one, but could never find one in a small 50ml size. Most of the Bodyshops on the island have it in huge sizes... not practical for me to carry around in my bag...

Yes, so I chance upon the cream in the flavour I liked, which is Strawberry, and so happen to find it in the size I had intended on getting... 50ml!!

It cost me RM25.

That was not all... it so happened that The Bodyshop at that time was having a promo. And I got the lotion, also in Strawberry, for free!!! Woohooo!!! what a great deal :)
So the lotion was 60ml which cost RM16.90 ... and it was totally FOC

Love love love it!

The cream smells so fresh... and yummy. Almost too good, too be eaten...

It really moisturises your skin... especially the hands. I find it more lasting once on. The greasiness goes off once it dries.

But naw, it's not that greasy to begin with... ooo... Loving the smell :)

Thursday, 13 June 2013

My Longchamp le Pilage

My very first Longchamp bag... Yes, I now join a series of women world wide in owning my very own Longchamp bag. Longchamp Le Pilage to be exact.
I initially bought the medium long handle in Fuschia. Unfortunately, the stupid company played me out by sending one with the threadings all coming loose like in the picture below. Needless to say, I sent it right back to them. The company really sucks and it would be the last time I ever buy from them again! Be sure about that!!!

So, technically, the black Longchamp le Pilage was my very first bag that arrived at my doorstep intact and ready for use. I bought this also online, but from a better, more reliable company. The best part is that the bag is 'made in France' !!!

Although more expensive, the bag came in one piece!! This bag cost me RM299 with free shipping...
Love this bag! It's very spacious... the handles are leather... but they tend to slip off of my shoulder...

Still waiting for the rouge company to send back the fuschia bag!! Damn that company! Wasted my money on the return postage, and had a hard time communicating with the idiot of a company for compensation... Be careful girls, not all online companies are safe... Choose your online shopping sites carefully... best not to buy via Facebook. Go through a legitimate company website instead. I've learnt my lesson now