Friday, 30 November 2012


The Contest Giveaway that ran from Oct closed on 15th November 2012. And the winner is Vicky. (woot! woot!)
Congratulations, Vicky. Three cute ice-cream paper clips would be coming your way very soon. I will be sending an email to you for your mailing details.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Tokyo Street, Cafe Takahashi @ Pavilion KL

 Pavilion KL is noted for it's luxury shopping and high-end retail outlets. This luxury shopping haven also offers food and cuisines with price tags of similar standards... (be prepared for the high prices of food)


 We decided to try out some japanese fusion food offered by Cafe Takahashi along Tokyo Street @ Pavilion KL.

They offer reasonablely priced set lunches.
Here's what we ordered:-

I liked my main dish very much. The spaghetti was bursting with flavour and the roasted chicken was still succulent although cripsy outside. Yum!!
Roasted chicken with spaghetthi
 The beef spaghetti was ordered by my friend who preferred the beef be well done. It sorta came medium rare. But the spaghetti was equally tasty!!
Beef slices with fried udon
 Our sets came with a fruit punch, soup and dessert

I absolutely loved the fruit punch! It came with a juicy cherry inside. - A real thirst quencher!

Fruit punch

 THe mushroom soup was so-so. Fancied the crouton which was crispy :)
Mushroom soup

Chery at the bottom
 The best was dessert! Vanilla ice-cream creatively topped with fruit sauce & chocolate love-letters and layered with 'honey-stars'. Delicious!!
Vanilla ice-cream with honey stars and chocolate love-letter


Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Delifrance @ Cheras Leisure Mall

Desserts are truely something to look forward to anytime of the day! Yes, including breakfast :)
I usually enjoy eating fruit with pastry. And what better way than to have it in a form of a fruit tart or puff pastry. So far, Delifrance has been offering great fruit pastries ever since I can remember.
They used to have 2 outlets in Penang - their first in Sunshine Square, and the other in Komtar. Both have since closed down due to poor business. I must admit the prices are quite something for just pastry.
Selection of pastries and MACAROONs!

So, I can only get Delifrance in KL. And that's exactly what I did! Got me some Delifrance fruit pastries... and to my surprice, they were going for Buy 1 One 1 Free!!

RM4.50 for both the tart & puff... AWESOME!!

Monday, 26 November 2012

My first Coach purchase

Today (25 Nov), I made my very first Coach purchase online at it's a Coach Madison Graphic Op Art Swingpack costing me RM498 (with discounts it came to RM396)
Then in the afternoon the very same day, I went to Coach at 1st Avenue and bought myself one white wristlet, called Coach Pop Signature Small Wristlet: Original price RM250

I must be on a Coach roll... haha

Absolutely love love love the packaging and the wristlet. It even came with an authenticity card with a 1 year warantee. Awesome or what!!
the whole package - love the colourful signature paper bag

The real deal - with authentication card and coach warantee

Coach Pop Signature Small Wristlet - in white ... love white

My bigger Coach item which was bought online, will arrive by mail delivery in a few days time. Can't wait!! I truely love Christmas!!

I surely will post-up pics of the bigger Coach bag when that arrives!! (yippie)


Sunday, 25 November 2012

Morganfield @ Gurney Paragon

Earlier this month, my brother treated the whole family to lunch at Morganfield's at Gurney Plaza.

 THe interior of the restaurant had one wall adorned with racks and racks of wine.

 On the other walls, pictures and posters of old American advertisements were seen hung on brick covered walls. Just gives you that old american feelin'.

Morganfield's Menu - creatively presented on a clip-board
 Our lunch was huge! We were super duper full by the end of it.
Here's what our masive orders were...

For starters, I wanted their chilli cheese fries - my all time favourite!
The chilli was made of tomato paste and it has minced meat (either pork or beef, not sure which). It went really well with the fries. Reminds me of the chilli&fries that Carl's Jr has. This cost RM18 plus (i think)
Chilli Cheese Fries
Our mains include: Chicken & Prawns - this was served with rice. We really really liked the way the rice was prepared. Super delicious. RM35.90
Chicken & Prawns

Morganfield's bestseller - Sticky Bones. Half-rack of pork ribs (RM38.90). Tender down to the bone. It was however, lacking in the sauce. And when were asked for more sauce, apparently it costs RM1 for additional cause. Perhaps that's why it was dry to begin with. hmp. But the ribs were tasty and tender... so OK la...

I ordered Chicken Roulade (RM32.90). And I was so glad I ordered this. It was the best I've tasted so far! The chicken was juicy, tender and the sauce that accompanied it was perfect! Love, love, love this dish! Comes highly recommended, I must say. The chicken is stuffed with minced pork and sausage, then wrapped in pieces of bacon. Absolute heaven!

All-in-all, lunch at Morganfield's was marvellous...

Saturday, 24 November 2012

House of Pancakes @ Paradigm Mall KL

I first found this gem of a place in Midvalley Megamall. I had one of their set lunches and I was sold! They offer the best Mexican Taco I have ever tasted and it left me wanting more!
This time that I was in KL, I again spotted this outlet at Paradigm Mall. Without hesitation, I ordered the same set for my lunch.

 From the menu, you can see they have a selection of food from sandwiches to burgers to pasta and of course, Taco!

Here's what I ordered : Taco!! ANd the set comes with ice-lemon tea and 3 pieces of pancakes.
The Taco with chicken filling and pasta salad on the side - SUPER DELICIOUS!
and the TACO shell was very crispy

Soooooo Good!!!

The most fluffy and light pancakes ever!!!

Orange is their official colour... nice ambience

Friday, 23 November 2012

Sprungli Chocolates & Camel's milk CHocolates

I love CHOColatES!

For those who don't already know, Sprüngli is a Swiss luxury confectionery manufacturer founded in 1836. Don't you just LOVE Swiss chocolates?! And its rich history? No pun intended :) These were brought home to me directly from Switzerland!! How awesome is that!!! *excited*

Chocolates from Dubai

Al-nassama, "First & Finest Camel Chocolate". Super awesome just knowing that this bar of chocolate is made from camel's milk. I just got it from my brother who just came back from Dubai.
I can't wait till christmas to try this out! Here's the company's website if you're interested to know more.