Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Christmas was especially awesome because of the super AWESOME presents I got this year!!

Thanks to my brother in Singapore! And, like me, he also got my parents gifts, all the way from Singapore.

Better yet, this year, I get to spend new year's in Singapore!!! So excited !!

Singapore spells SHOPPING more than anything :) I'm really pumped!

Here's this year's Christmas tree - one word : Beautiful

 Under the tree were all the pretty and colourfully wrapped xmas presents.
I especially was excited over this pink one! (because it's mine)
My Christmas present wrapped in pretty pink

This year, we opened all our presents on Christmas day itself, as tomorrow, we all will be flying to Singapore for a whole week!! Yahooo!!

The 'Yahoo' was for BOTH the fact that presents were opened on Christmas day AND the fact that holidaying in SINGAPORE was actually happening TOMORROW - boxing day :))

So what DID I get for Christmas this year?

The new IPad MINI 2!!!!
So damn happy!! Thanks to my brother!
And yes, he got my parents THE new IPad Air too!!!

So super psych-ed! Really thrilled that Christmas 2013 was such a blessing!
Hope everyone else is having an AWESOME Christmas 2013 too!
God Bless :)