Monday, 29 April 2013

Marc Jacobs - DAISY purse

Bought these babies in the first week of April.
They are actually 'freebies' from a Japanese magazine, from Japan, called Mooks.
This time, the freebies are being sold without the magazines at a much lower price.

They are of course previous seasons... ie old-er

Anyhow, I simply love the colours of the purses... yes, they come in pairs. One big black one and another small red one. The smaller one seems fit for a coin purse, while the bigger black one can be used to keep make-up or toiletries...

Well, I've been using the red one to keep my hp earphones cum hands-free kit... and the black one, well, I haven't found anything to keep inside yet...

Love, love, love my ever expanding luxury item collection :) Yay me!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Delicious @ Straits Quay - a returning visit

I've posted about Delicious before.. and this is my returning visit here.
Their signature bird's cage lamps are so their signature...

The food that we ordered are as follows...

The best was the meatball spaghetti... definitely a winner with our palates!!

 The mushroom quiche was surprise favourite was tasty, albeit abit too salty.. .but good nonetheless...

I ordered the duck spaghetti with high hopes... but it fell flat...this dish came very bland and cost the most... :(( I don't remember having this taste the way it did at other of their outlets...

The hot chocolate drink was good too!! Love the idea of marsh-mellows floating in my drink... dissolving as I stirred...yum

Ahh... and the added view from where we sat... beautiful!

Friday, 19 April 2013

O'Briens Sandwiches @ Queensbay

I love smoked salmon! It's like yummy jelly in your mouth..  and everybody knows that I'll go for IKEA's smoked salmon every single time i'm down in KL.
To satisfy my cravings for smoked salmon back up here in Penang, well I have O'briens to turn too...

They have this salmon sandwiches which costs a bom RM15.50 for 2 slices ie. one square cut into 2 pieces.

But I usually go for the 'make your own sandwich' choice costing RM11 plus RM5 for smoked salmon. Total cost would usually come to RM16++
That way, I got to have my salmon and other meats too! :))

Look at the choice of dressings... and salads... and and and...  fillings... yummmmm
 My sandwich all packed-up nicely..

My salmon sandwich!!
Doesn't it look delicious!!

Monday, 15 April 2013

New Change

Finally I've changed the whole background template for my blog...
It's now a sweet melon pink!

Simply love this new colour... tell me what you peeps think. Yay or Nay?


Sunday, 14 April 2013

Tong Pak Fu @ Straits Quay

Chinese dessert shops are sprouting everywhere!!! Tong Pak Fu is one of them. This franchise first opened in Penang at Jln Burmah, then it was Gurney plaza. Now, it's almost everywhere on the island. There's one in bayan baru, one in Queensbay and now one more in Straits Quay!

In conjunction with their opening celebration, the outlet at Straits Quay had all their items on sale for 50% off! What a great deal right?!

So I too tagged along for the ride for discounted desserts...
There's what we ordered!

Something hot, something cold, and something crunchy to munch...

Love love love Chinese dessertS!!!!


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Hainanese Delights Restaurant @ 1926 Heritage Hotel

1926 Heritage Hotel is situated along Burmah Rd. Like many hotel, it is has attached to it, a restaurant called Hainanese Delights Restaurant, which sells hainanese food and cuisine. This was my second time at this restaurant. The first time I had rice and dishes.
This time, I was keen to try other things. First up was their chicken pie.
Next, we ordered loh bak and springrolls

Then lastly, we ordered Hainanese chicken chop.
 Our orders in one spread....
The food was so-so. The price, quite pricey! The chicken chop was just ordinary... and the chicken pie, well, the size was small for the price.
Maybe you could try it out for yourself and be your own judge :)

Friday, 5 April 2013

1881 Chong Tian Cultural Hotel & Restaurant

 1881 Chong Tian Cultural Hotel & Restaurant located along Rope Walk or also known as Jalan Pinta Tali.

It boasts to be the first and so far the only Chinese Heritage hotel in Malaysia. This taken from their website at

We visited this place for lunch. And we were amazed by the decor of this hotel & restaurant.

I must warn you, this post will be heavily loaded with lots of pics.

The interior itself was so beautiful with many wooden carving and old artifacts filled reminisent of Chinese culture and tradision. It's a very good place to bring tourists and visitors from out of town.

Next-up is the food. They serve both Chinese and Western cuisine here. We ordered from both set of menus and this is what we chose - two ala chart dishes with rice.
1) claypot taufu with seafood
2) honey glazed roasted chicken

The chicken was very nicely prepared - marinated and glazed well with honey.
The seafood taufu saw kept warm with a burning flame. I think they hand-make their own taufu. This dish was satisfying.

Next-up, the western menu.
We ordered one set lunch.
This set consist of one soup, one glass ice lemon tea, one main course, dessert and coffee/tea.
The choice of our main course was chicken chop for RM22.
(Different main courses had different pricing... )
Mushroom soup with croutons

Chicken chop with gravy on the side

Coffee and dessert
We went close to 2pm and by that time, most people had already finished lunch. If I was not mistaken, the previous people had desserts different from the one I got. I think the others had pudding in a nice tall glass for their dessert. So, I was suprised when mine came in a plate. It was a morsel of cheese cake the size of a 50cent coin (or maybe smaller) with cream on the side. Correct me if I'm wrong on this one. I didn't have another table to compare the dessert... so, the dessert part was abit disappointing for me.

Anyway, this was a nice place to visit... besides the food :))