Friday, 17 January 2014

AHMO @Irrawady Rd, Penang

 I've been wanting to visit this place since a long time ago... but never found the time to.. until recently.

AHMO is situated along Irrawady Road in Burmah Square. It's on a one-way street, so the best thing is to drive-in from Service road.

AHMO gets its name from the hokkien word 'angmo' for 'orang puteh' or westerners. The full description about how AHMO came about is written in the place card like in the picture above.

The ambiance of the place is classy. AHMO is set in an old residential house which was converted. The wooden beams remind me of the olden days, although they did a good job in updating the place with wall paper art. More of the décor in the pictures below...

On to the food. They serve a mixture of western and local delights and their menu offers a good variety. It took us some time to look though their menu. We finally decided and ordered one plate of fish & chips and one plate of chicken croissant .

Fish and chips

Chicken croissant
 They also offer sets... for an additional fee, you get a bowl of soup and drink...

Their prices are really affordable... and I liked the soup the best. We had mushroom soup that day :)

Check out their website

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Kaffa Expresso Bar @ Green Hall, Penang

Penang is a brimming with new and classy café houses. Here, there and everywhere you can see nice and sometimes quirky cafés offering good food and aromatic coffees. One such place is Kaffa Espresso Bar. It is the second outlet in Malaysia and the Penang one is situated at 22 Jalan Green Hall. 
Take a look as some of the cool décors...

And not to forget.. their awesome wall art pieces... like the one with four sleepy girls/boys needing coffee...
And this massive wall art of the Beatles...


John/Paul and George...
 Like I mentioned earlier, they offer drinks AND food... although the selection for food is limited. I went on a weekend... and there were already many tables taken...Had to wait for my food...

Caramel Macchiato
 I ordered a highly recommended drink (i think I read it on foursq) called the Caramel Macchiato which cost a bomb! It came in a enamel coated metal mug to give it that vintage look. Well, almost all their coffees are served in it. I personally didn't think much of the metal mugs... except that my mug had the enamel chipped off over the rim of the mug and that had me drinking rusty bits of the mug rim.. not a big fan of the mug...  :(

Like the name of the drink, this caramel macchiato was light in coffee taste (just the way I like) and sweet salty from the caramel... though on the pricey side..

As for food, I ordered the Spaghetti Aglio Olio with turkey ham. The portion was big (Thumbs up for that) and tasty :) However, I found mine too spicy... could taste a lot of the chilli & black pepper in it...

Loved the interior décor of the place. Environment was relaxing, except when the place gets crowded and noisy...

Check-out their facebook page at

Another worthy place to visit if you're not on a budget :)

Friday, 3 January 2014

New Year 2014 Indulgence

This year, as you all already know, I spent New Year's Eve and New Year's in Singapore. And what better things to do in Singapore than to shop. shop. and do more shopping!!

I took advantage of the tourist privileges and went to my favourite luxury brand COACH. From the amount of time and money invested in purchasing Coach items, I should think Coach should reward me for my unwavering loyalty and now, clearly, free publicity! haha. So, Coach peeps, if you ever get to read by blog, I'm a HUGE fan and would like to get paid for talking endlessly about your lovely bags!! haha :)

Anyway, I digress. (sorry) Here's what I splurged on, on New Year's DAY 2014! Not one, but TWO brand new Coach bags!

Loving the beautiful brown coach paper bag that contained by 2 newly bought bags..
 I was so proud to show-off my luxury shopping bag to the world on New year's day on Orchard Rd, Singapore
Coach card

Madison Top Handle Pouch In Black Leather

As soon as I got back to Penang, I checked-out the prices here and it was going for RM900 without discount. So I kinda got it for a really good deal in Singapore (this is with the 10% discount and 7% GST refund) - I'm soooooo happy!!! AND on top of it all, Penang didn't have it in Black... it was all sold out! I'm SUper LUCKY!
 Please allow me to gush on my other Coach purchase~! Introducing the Coach leather colourblock New Willlis in the colour purple! Well, to be accurate, this bag has a mixture of 3 different colours on it - purple, grey and dark blue. Super thrilled to have bought it!

AND because I got the bags, the Coach shop in Singapore gave me a chance to personalise the bag tags for free - Absolutely AWESOME-fied!!! You can imagine, I was on cloud 9!

Coach Leather Colorblock New Willis

Authenticity card

 TO remember this day, 1.1.2014, I specifically took a picture of my Coach shopper bag with my watch stating the time and date of my purchase... (sampat.. I know) hahah... but who cares, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!!

New Year 2014 was a super awesome day for me! How was yours? Hope it was as thrilling as mine! Here's to wishing everybody a Happy and Wonderful New Year 2014 :)


Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy Awesome New Year 2014


Wishing you peeps a happy and healthy new year all the way from Singapore!

New year's eve countdown to the new year was celebrated at The Float @ Marina Bay, Singapore and in conjunction with MediaCorp's 50th Anniversary, they had invited celebrities like Wang LeeHom and The Wanted (british boy band) to perform!!

There were fireworks and great performances in stored for everyone


I thoroughly enjoyed by New Year's EVE in Singapore!! Super lucky to have experienced this once in a lifetime event... AWESOME!

I was in Singapore just after Christmas and flew back on New Year's day in the evening. Best Christmas cum New Year's holiday EVER!