Thursday, 17 January 2013

Abbey Road Bistro

Now there's one place in Seberang Jaya that can boast of good fine dining food... in my opinion.
That place i'm talking about is Abbey Road Bistro.
It's supposedly named after the Beatles' 11th studio album.

Oh yeah, this is one bistro that is adorned with alot and i mean, a lot of Beatles memorabilia; mainly pictures and posters. And they also have playing on loop, the Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night" movie! (well, at least that afternoon that I was there anyway)

I kinda like that poster of the 4 Beatles' band members.... and the maroon? brown? coloured walls.
Take a look around the lovely bistro...

Now down to the food...

They don't offer set lunches, so everything is ala chart.

The other thing is that the water they offer is called Ionized water and they charge RM2 per glass!! (speechless)
ionized water

First order for the day is Wild Mushroom Soup with Truffle oil.

The soup was creamy and packed with mushrooms which made the soup interesting and tasty. It also had a hint of truffle that made it even better. (RM18)

We ordered two main courses. A pasta dish and a chicken dish.

I ordered the Meatballs Concasse Spaghetti (RM28). The best part and most surprising was the Meatballs!! No kidding! These meatballs were handmade and simple delicious. It complimented the spaghetti very well. Frankly speaking, if they'd sell just the meatballs, i'd order it anytime. The meatballs were tender and moist. Not dry unlike most meatballs. And tasty!!

Oh, and did i mention that the meatballs were big? Yes they were. Still, the price for a spaghetti dish is a bit too pricey for me.
Next-up was the chicken dish.
 This was the Grilled Boneless Chicken. It came with mashed potates and green peas. The sauce was nevertheless tasty too! Chicken tender and marinated well. RM29

THe trip all the way to Seberang Jaya was worth my palate, but not my pocket. The food was great and tasty!! But still abit too pricey for me though. Still, Abbey Road Bistro is one place to try out whenever you find yourself on the other side of Penang :)

P.S they only allow credit card charge for meals more than RM100

Monday, 14 January 2013

Sakae Sushi @ 1st Avenue

The month of January, Sakae Sushi is offering their monthly specials.

This is called the Blue Paradise Maki.
I was so facinated by the blue colour on this sushi that I ordered it without reading the what the sushi contains... haha
But it tasted good. The blue thinggy you see is actually the sauce that the sushi is adorned with. To me, the sauce tastes more of a mayo just in the colour blue :P RM8.80  for members and RM10.80 for non-members

This cute pink plate was ordered from the kid's menu selection. It's fried scallop with potato stuffing. Simple and cute! Delicious too... RM3.99

 This yellow plate is also one of the monthly specials for January. This one's called Ocean Crispy Roll. See the prawns topping the sushi? That's cooked prawns rolled, sitting on top of a egg mayo sauce. The bottom part i think is friend bread roll?? haha... very interesting dish. Try it!! RM7.80 for members and RM9.80 for non-members

We had Sakae sushi on the 7 Jan 2013... and this was the first time we ordered almost all coloured plates on the menu... red, yellow, green, black, pink... only one plate was missing and that was gold! haahha... Happy New Year!! (Happy first week of January 2013.. i mean.. hahah)

Friday, 11 January 2013

Maricosa ~ Hawaiian dining experience

There's a new restaurant in town, well, it's not really that new, but I've never been there and have wanted to try out their menu.

This happened on the 5 Jan 2013. It was more of a New Year lunch celebration, as I was oncall on the 1st of Jan. Nevertheless, I got to do New Year's count down and makan-makan on the 31th Dec 2012 :))) so lucky!

Back to Maricosa, where we all had lunch...

 Very well themed, the restaurant is adorned with murals of coconut / palm trees, pineapples, hula-dancers and the waitresses and waiters all wore floral almost-like-batik shirts/dresses. The ceiling fans also were fan-shaped and chairs looked like pineapple-looking backings ~Awesome!

They have set lunches which cost RM32.90 ++. THis is inclusive of soup of the day, main course, and a choice of dessert or drink. I thought the choice of coffee/tea or dessert was rather odd, as most set lunches offer both instead. Anyway, we took desserts over drinks.

The soup of the day was cauliflower soup, served in a huge plate-cum-bowl.

Next-up was our main courses.
Barbaque Huli Chicken. THis was really tasty!! I liked the barbaque sause very much. Not quite sure what the Huli meant, but it came with a pineapple salsa. The chicken was tender and well seasoned. This main course came with a bun, pineapple salsa as mentioned, and fries.

The main that I ordered was the Pesto Prawn Spaghetti.
I was quite disappointed with this dish although initially I was happy to be greeted with 3 huge prawns.
The pesto spaghetti was rather bland. Probably the chef forgot to add salt to the dish!!! Sigh, if only it was not so tasteless, the dish would have been a great one as there was enough prawns to go by, and garlic and pesto to accompany the spaghetti. Unfortunately, the dish was tasteless :((

I had to request for more grated parmesan cheese, hoping the cheese would bring more taste or saltiness to the dish. ~ didn't do the trick.

Lastly, the dessert. As I did say before this, I found it odd that drinks were not offered with the dessert considering the size of the dessert was really small. It's the size of a glass of whisky shot. I later found out why a whisky shot glass for dessert was more than enough.

The dessert of the day was Chocolate Mousse.
And it was thick, rich and creamy!! The strawberry sauce that accompanied it simply complimented the chocolate mousse well...
And being thick and rich and creamy, you wouldn't was more than the amount of a shot glass. The quantity was just right.

I found this place a pleasant one. But honestly, it's a bit pricey...although they offer set lunches

So, all in all, I got to finally try out this restaurant and what it has to offer... If you have time, and happen to be around Straits Quay, have a try out yourself :)


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

My Coach Obsession continues...

They're here!! My Coach purchases I made just after before Christmas 2012.
I once again relied on Reebonz for my supply of Coach bags.
This time, I had bought a Coach Hampton Weekend shoulder bag in Coral blue.
For the longest time, I had wanted a replacement for my already falling apart wallet and Reebonz just had this lovely Mahogany coloured wallet in full leather!! Lucky me!!  :)

So both my purchases came after christmas and was safely delivered via FedEx on the 7th of January 2013

Feast your eyes on these...hehe

To my delight, my bag came in a huge hard cover box!! It was so huge, I could barely hug it in whole... hahah

And then, inside, my bag was neatly wrapped in black paper, with the signature Reebonz brand printed on it.

After going through the wrapping, finally, my blue coral blue bag is unveiled!! I simply love love love it!


I love the silver hardware on this bag. The fine details on the handle and sides also look elegant!
I'm loving this bag even more. This cost me RM631, retail price was suppose to be RM798

Next was my other Mahogany wallet/compact clutch

COACH Ashley Patent Leather Mahogany:
The size of this wallet, also called a compact clutch, was bigger than I expected. I was quite delighted with fiinishing - all glossy and new. Also, the interior with the card holders and coin zipper. THis cutie cost RM436, Retail price was RM630

Total cost: RM 1067 ...

OMG!!! I soooooo need to save money now... hahahha