Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Sushi King Bonanza.. just in time before GST

It's Sushi King's Bonanza time! It was held from 23-26th March 2015 and boy did I knock myself out with sushi!
Amids the forth coming GST on all goods and services, many people like myself have been trying to spend as much and stock-up before GST kicks-in come April 1st.

I went to Sushi King Midvalley for the Bonanza where all coloured plates costs only RM3. Well, previous years it cost only RM2 per plate... I guess because of inflation and now GST, things will keep going up *sigHH*

All the sushi you'll ever wanna eat. All coloured plates for RM3 each.

ebi fried

Tuna stuff tofu

salmon roll

jelly fish - absolute favourite!

Usually red plates and purple plates cost  RM4.99, RM5.99 each. Now they're going for RM3 flat! Pink plates were RM3.99 each on normal days.

Imagine the long long queues at all their outlets during the Bonanza period...

I tried to reach at any 1 outlet by 5.30pm just to beat the queues.

Everyone's table is given a time limit of 45min and there's no take-away for RM3 per plate unless you wanna pay normal prices for it.

10 coloured plates for another
8 coloured plates for one person

It's not surprising that most of my plate choices were unintensionally purple and red coloured...
This is the time you want to take advantage of the bonanza to order all kinds of dishes which you normally won't because of the prices. *all smiles*

How many plates can you eat?

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