Thursday, 16 April 2015

Tryst Cafe @ SS15/4C

 It was a nice blue-skied Sunday when i decided to have brunch - cafe style. I was around Subang Jaya area when I stumbled upon Tryst cafe.
Loved the turquoise walls which reminded be of Kaffa cafe in Penang and though why not give it a try. And 'Tryst' (name of cafe) seems befitting for the moment.

I ordered the Tryst breakfast platter for RM13.
 The breakfast platter came with alot of ingredients. There was the main toast & scrambled eggs, grilled chicken breast strips, bacon, mushrooms and salad & tomatoes on the side. Quite yummy... although nothing exceptionally special. I suppose the price of RM13 is expected. Not too expensive. Affordable lar...
The platter came with scrambled eggs on toast, grilled chicken breast strips, chicken bacon, mushrooms and salad & tomatoes. 

Hazelnut Latte with biscotti on the side

Cute leaf pattern on my latte - coffee art
 Check-out the interior of this cool cafe... the wall art and decor reminds me very much of the cafes in Penang. Feels quite cozy here. Although there are not many tables in the cafe, there are tables outside for smoking patrons.

Being a cafe, they too offer a variety of cakes and desserts

See this cool standing lamp in a shape of a mannequin dressed in a yellow blouse and floral motif pants.

You could feel IKEA in their decor. Just look at the colourful display of IKEA cushions. Awesome.

Wall art.
Sat under the open roof area which let in some natural lighting...more wall art.

Had a satisfying brunch that lovely Sunday. And the bill came to a total of RM23. Quite affordable la.. 

Kinda like the lay-out and the decor of this quaint cafe located in SS15. Good place to hang-out and just chillax. 

PS visited this place before GST. So... I'm not too sure of the current prices (after GST implementation)

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